Recently, I came to the ironic realization that I spend far more time staring at blank New Tab page than I do the beautiful wallpaper I carefully chose to decorate my Desktop with. So naturally, I headed over to Mozilla's add-on repository in search of an add-on that would allow me to decorate the New Tab page with a customized background color and wallpaper image.

Unfortunately, existing add-ons were either bloated with additional functionality that I didn't need or were based on legacy technology that will be phased out in the very near future. So, I set out to develop my own add-on for the job and took it as an opportunity to dive in and familiarize myself with up-and-coming WebExtension technology.

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Custom page options
Importing wallpapers from Imgur
Redirecting a new tab to a specified URL
Wallpaper specification through context menu

Source code

You can view the source code and documentation of the WebExtension on GitHub.

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